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A John O’Groats to Land’s End Charity Cycle Ride (May 25th 2006)
We made it!!
Chris Abbott John Fremlin Chris Royce Anthony Strong

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What started out as topic of pub conversation 6mths ago has materialised into one of the greatest challenges we will ever face! We plan to cycle unsupported from John O’Groats to Lands end in only 10 days using only bikes and a serious amount of energy! There will be no trailing cars with supplies, just us and our bikes! We are not only doing this ride as a challenge for ourselves but also to raise a serious amount of money for a very good charity.

We choose the British Heart foundation because of their outstanding work in the fight against disease of the heart and circulation so that it is no longer a major cause of disability and premature death. Every penny raised will go straight to the charity, so please show your support.

Heart disease is the biggest killer in the UK. It causes more than one third of deaths - and The British Heart Foundation has helped reduce it to that from an even more terrible figure. By staying fit and maintaining a healthy body weight, you can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. If nothing else, we want to increase awareness of the benefits of exercise, particularly cycling!

Where are we cycling?

We have chosen the famous Land’s End to John O’Groats route as this is offers the greatest challenge to us, travelling through the most extreme terrains. However just to be different we have decided to ride the opposite direction to everyone else, why? you may ask. There are no advantages to riding South, in fact some claim that it is harder due to headwinds or something?

How you can help

But awareness isn't everything, we need your help to raise money to help fund research, and education and care. We are funding this trip entirely ourselves, this means that every penny raised goes directly to the British Heart Foundation.

So please help support our cause by sponsoring us. Whether your donation be small or large it will make a huge difference and will be helping a good cause. For more information about how you can sponsor us please visit the “sponsor us” section.

We’d also like to specifically thank cognitran for their generous contribution. Congnitran are currently our leading sponsor donating £500 pounds for our cause. Cognitran specialises in the management of multilingual technical information. They help companies use the web to achieve cost and process efficiencies, allow precise control over complex business activities and provide innovative ways to delivery high quality information to end users.

Idealpeople, Recruitment and Staffing experts operating in the high-technology arena, are delighted to be sponsoring the team with a donation of £500. As soon as we heard about the trip, we realised that it ticked all our boxes: Exercise evangelism, an idea spawned in a pub in Cambridge, bikes ridden country-wide by a collective of talented (If a little sweaty) Engineers and Computer Scientists, and most importantly, our chance to make a visible contribution to a very worthy cause, the British Heart Foundation. From all of the team at Idealpeople, we sincerely hope the road, weather and fitness conditions are all 'Ideal' for the journey.

During the entire ride we are wearing T-Shirts covered with corporate logos, in an effort to raise additional sponsorship for the British Heart Foundation. If you would like your company name to appear on our shirts please see the “Sponsor Us” page where you will find more information.

Press coverage - If you would like to cover us please email us at email@cycle-ne2sw.co.uk we already have local coverage but we would like to raise as much awareness as possible! Please check our route too see if we pass through your town or city!

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